Trade Service
Dealing types
Liaoning Chaopeng Clothing Co., Ltd designs and produces workwears and professional wears and can accept order by OEM, ODM and so on.
Modes of payment
1)TT payments
Once the contract is made between Chaopeng and customers, Client must pay 30% deposit, which ensure the smooth impletation of the contract at the beginning stage. When all the goods are finished, customers can come to Chaopeng factory to check before shipments. After qualified examiantion, customer pay the surplus 70% value of goods. Customer can also send QC to check all garments. When QC checks all goods to be quailfied, clients fill the test reports and then Chaopeng send all agrmnents out. When garments leave port and Chaopeng receive the surplus 70% value of goods, Chaopeng will send faxed bill of lading to customer.
2)Payment by L/C
Chaopeng can accept the order by the irrevocable L/C at sight and at long sight. Any customer can make the payment in the above two ways.
3)As for customers from famous brands of the world with high credits,  Chaopeng can accept the payments By OA or DP. (only to the good customer in long term cooperation)
DP: It means Documents agaist payments, that is, importer must pay all the value of goods to get documents by bank when exporter send drafts together with documents to bank. If importer refuses to pay, it will not get the documents.  
OA: Open Account. Importer can directly receive goods or documents specified in the contract without payment or drafts. This payment Scope also includes the delivery by air, land under the same conditions of DP and DA. 
Transportation and Logistics
Order Delivery & Logistics Service
OceanFreight Export Services
Liaoning Chaopeng Clothing Company can deliver goods by sea,air and train.
By sea: Dalian Port   2.5 hours' distance between Chaopeng Company and Dalian Port
        Yingkou Port  40 minurtes' distcance between Chaopeng company and Yingkou Port
        Bayuquan Port 1 hour's distance between Chaopeng Company and Bayuquan Port
        Dandong Port  3 hours's distance between Chaopeng Company and Bayuquan Port
By Air: Shenyang Tiaoxian International Airport, 1.5 hours' distance between Chaopeng and Tiaoxian Airport
        Dalian Zhoushuizi international airport, 2.5 hours' distance between Chaopeng and Zhoushuizi Airport
By Train: Shenyang Train Station, 1.5 hours's distance between Chaopeng and Shenyang Train Station
          Anshan Train Station: 1 hour's distacne between Chaopeng and Anshan Train Station
          Yongkou Train Station: 1. hours's distance between Chaopeng and Yingkou Train Station
          Haicheng Train Station: 20 minurtes's distance between Chaopeng and Haicheng Train station
          Xiuliu Train Station: 10 minutes's distance between Chaopeng and Xiliu Train Station
Chaopeng owns the best international trade salesman and customs and CIQ declarer. Chaopeng lies in the middle of Shenyang City and Dalian City with the distance of 130 miles to Shenyang City and 260 miles to Dalian City. With advantages of trasportaion and logistics, Chaopeng is sincerely expecting your visit and doing its best to serve well!
After-Sale Service
Liaoning Chaopeng Clothing Co., Ltd is located in No.1 building of Xiuliu Town, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province,China. All lands and other fixed assets are owned by Chaopeng Company with fixed assets of ten million dollars. It is a very professional workwear manufactory with history of more that ten years.
1) Liaoning Chaopeng Clothing Seriously promises: "First-Class Credibility, Best Service". We take great responsibility for all products Chaopeng has made and sold, offering the best services concerning the primary phase, middle phase and after-sale phase. So Customers have no needs to worry about the Quality.
2) Assruance of best credibility
WE have certification of ISO9001, Professional Safety and  CE.
Delivery Time: After Signing the commercial contract with customers and receiving deposits or valid L/C, we will send the goods out within 45-60 days by FOB Dalian.






Phone: 86-138-4128-7979

Tel: 86-412-3836888,86-412-3815588


Add: NO.1 building of xiliu garment industry area, Haicheng city of Liaoning province, China.

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